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Building Beyond

The Grahame Family has over 45 years of experience building quality custom homes.

Our team strives to build beyond the bare minimum, ensuring quality by following the best building science standards and practices.

We’ve built everywhere. And everything, from houses, bridges, apartments, condos, and high-rise buildings, to schools and churches. And everywhere. Including Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Arizona, and Canada. And we’ve won some notable awards.

So, yeah, we do more than just ‘Quote & Build’. Way more. 

Ready to get started on your dream home? We are too!

Kris Grahame

Kris Grahame
I’ve been around construction since I was old enough to use a broom to clean up Dad’s job sites.

Working with folks excited about building their dream home never gets old. To have the opportunity to build the home they envisioned for their family, it’s just a great feeling.

Building to the highest standards is very satisfying. I love the fact that building science is constantly evolving, and we can build better and better homes every day.

Educating homeowners about their new homes, and how everything works, is great. I especially enjoy giving them a sense of confidence that their home is well-built.

We just want our customers to be proud of their homes. So far so good.

TONY Grahame

Tony Grahame

In over 45 years, I’ve never built an average home.

People come to us with their dreams. It’s a pretty big responsibility, so being a good listener helps. Taking someone’s vision and giving it the attention it deserves, well, it’s still fun for us.

Building a dream home should be fun, for everyone involved. Even picking out the right materials is rewarding, our clients love it when we keep them involved.

Many of them come to appreciate the building process. A program I teach allows me to pass on to clients helpful and good-to-know practices, such as applied building science principles, sustainable design strategies, and greener building practices, to name a few.

We’re not just building you a house. We’re building your dream home. 

Let’s get started.


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